What we do

Our mission is to accelerate the market penetration of green technologies among individual or household consumers in the developing world. We achieve this by conducting fine research and by generating carbon credits to provide an additional source of revenue.

Carbon Credit Management Services

We help clients navigate smoothly through the complexities of carbon credit program design and management. We do this by integrating business and operational concerns with a thorough understanding of carbon credit regulations and attention to detail to deliver timely results. 

Market research and

field experiments

Whether you are a development organization, private foundation, social investor, or simply looking to commercialize a technology among vulnerable markets in the developing world, we provide insightful research to answer questions like:

What are the key enablers and barriers for the consumers to buy the product? At what price should I sell the product for? Which customers should I focus my efforts on?  We have experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research and product trials in different geographies.

Policy intervention design and assessment

We design instruments to collect high quality data from the field that we skillfully and thoroughly analyze to provide a solid basis to evaluate and design development interventions. We specialize in household technologies that improve the lives of vulnerable populations in the developing world.